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  • industrial GPRS DTU modem

    4G/5G Industrial TCP IP DTU VGA port modem

    The rugged CM510-23F series serial to IP 4G/5G modem (called DTU as well) is a cellular modem have been developed especially for M2M application. It provides RS232/RS-485/RS-422/TTL interface and equipped with PPP, TCP/IP and DDP protocol.

  • Industrial Gateway

    Smart Light Pole Gateway

    Smart light pole gateway is a gateway specially designed for smart light poles. It replaces the traditional  gateways, which is a combination with gateway, power modules, optical cats, etc. It integrates power conversion system, AC/DC power control and metering system, data acquisition system, network routing and switching system, anti-surge system, and light control system, etc., and works with the smart terminal management platform system. Based on IoT, it can meet the data collection and intelligent control of smart terminals, and new equipments can be connected.

  • Sanitizer Smart Station

    MoreGuard Sanitizer Smart Station

    As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is clear that human beings will pay a huge economic and social price. Although no one can foresee future trends, we can built a reliable and robust IOT system for pandemic. MoreGuard Sanitizer Smart Station, integrated functions including smart temperature capture, zero contact, automatic sanitization, and commercial advertisement push, etc., which not only protects body safety, but also boost economic development. IoT solutions can prove to be of valuable assistance in future pandemics.

  • Industrial Computer

    4G/5G Android Industrial IPC

    CM580-26F is an embedded industrial PC with low power consumption and high performance independently developed by CaiMore. It uses Freescale i.MX6Q series CPU and ARM processor combined with Android operating system to provide a very broad and free App operating environment.Excellent computing and graphics performance, especially suitable for harsh conditions or high requirements of industrial occasions and public space applications.CM580-26F supports wide temperature work and extends a rich peripheral functional interface.

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  • Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ADD: 901/904 Unit, B20 Building, No.63 Chengyi North Street, Jimei Software Park III, Xiamen, China (361021)
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Company Profile

Who We Are

Caimore Communication since 2003,a leading provider of industrial network products and automation solutions for enabling the Industrial Internet of Things. With 16 years of industry experience, Caimore has connected more than 20 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 56 countries.

Within these years, Caimore, a group of well-experienced industrial-networking software and hardware engineers, has developed variety of product lines, such as GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/5G SMS modem, IP modem/DTU,RTU,industrial router, Industrial 3G 4G Cellular Router, Vehicle wifi router,NVR multiple 6 in 1 box, Industrial PC and NB-IOT.

Full spectrum of innovative, high-quality solutions that have been deployed in a wide variety of industries, including factory automation,smart rail, smart grid, intelligent transportation, oil and gas, marine, and mining.Caimore delivers 

lasting business value by empowering industry with reliable networks and sincere service for industrial communications infrastructures. Information about Caimore's solutions is available at

Our Advantages

Two factories, four productions lines, monthly production capability reaches 5,000,000 pieces.

Each device manufactured by CAIMORE is 100% tested before reaching the client to ensure top quality.

Strong R&D Team Certification 
Powerful R&D department, 1000m2 R&D office,
100+ engineers, 38 copyrights.

Successfully approved various certification

including 3C, CE, ROHS, Emark, FCC, etc.


Award Caimore's router into China TOP10

 Award DTU Innovation Product

Caimore is Supior Supplier of NVR 

TOP10 Manufacturer of MMVR

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