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Underground Garage Charging Pile Wireless Monitoring Solution

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  • industrial GPRS DTU modem

    Industrial TCP IP DTU VGA port modem

    The rugged CM510-23F series serial to IP 4G modem (called DTU as well) is a cellular modem have been developed especially for M2M application. It provides RS232/RS-485/RS-422/TTL interface and equipped with PPP, TCP/IP and DDP protocol.

  • 5G Industrial  Router

    5G CM520-87 Industrial Wireless M2M Cellular Router

    5G Router/CM520-87 has the patent technology to maintain the stability of the system and ensure the equipment is always on line. The whole machine adopts metal shell, anti-interference and anti-radiation. The hardware adopts industrial design. The whole machine has passed the central inspection institute test, passed the electric shock test of 3000V.

  • Industrial Computer

    4G IOT Android Industrial Computer

    CM580-59F is an embedded industrial PC with low power consumption and high performance independently developed by CaiMore. It use Rockchip RK3399 series CPU, and ARM processor combined with Android operating system to provide a very broad and free App operating environment.Excellent computing and graphics performance, especially suitable for harsh conditions or high requirements of industrial occasions and public space applications. CM580-59F supports wide temperature work and extends a rich peripheral functional interface.

  • industrial GPRS DTU modem

    Industrial wireless gprs modem data receiver

    CM3160V DTU modem transmits the data to the customer’s data service center through complete transparent data channel, allows a simple and rapid integration of cellular network connectivity into M2M application.

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Renewable Energy
Underground Garage Charging Pile Wireless Monitoring Solution
The electric vehicle charging and replacing system is a huge power network resource, and its communication system is characterized by many sites,scattered, wide coverage and short communication distance. With the continued construction of urban charging and replacing facilities, its network topology requires a flexible and scalable structure.

Charging pile system
The terminal controller of the electric vehicle charging pile allows the user to self-swipe the card for user authentication, balance inquiry,billing inquiry, etc., and also provides a voice output interface for voice interaction. Users can select 4 charging modes according to the LCD display instructions: charging on time, charging by electricity, auto charging, charging by mileage, etc.

The electric vehicle charger controller and the concentrator use the CAN/485 bus for data interaction. The concentrator and server platform use the wireless 3G/4G network for data interaction through the Xiamen Caimore communication router. For security reasons, the power billing and the amount data are realized.

4G sim card router

The main function of the battery management system is to monitor the working state of the battery (battery voltage, current and temperature), predict the battery capacity (SOC) of the power battery and the corresponding remaining mileage, and perform battery management to avoid over-discharge, over-charge, A severe voltage imbalance between overheating and single cells maximizes battery storage capacity and cycle life.

System wireless 433M wireless ad hoc network networking features

WBee communication technology adopts cellular self-organizing network communication mode, and the linear visual distance of point-to-point transmission can reach 12KM (measured value). Anyone who knows about wireless communication knows that all kinds of wireless communicationtechnologies are communication methods that use information of electromagnetic wave signals to propagate in free space. WBee is no exception, it uses the internationally accepted 315MHZ, 433MHZ, 868MHZ, 915MHZ, 2.4GHZ, 5.8GHZ six application-free frequency bands for wireless communication.

Industrial 4G router

WBee features:

1, independently develop wireless ad hoc network communication protocol, high flexibility, stable

2, the current outdoor space point-to-point measured up to 12KM

3, support multi-point to point, point-to-multipoint, intranet broadcast, and other flexible self-organizing network mode, support star/tree/mesh networking,

4, self-encrypted wireless encryption such as DES/AES/3DES

5, 6 channels can customize AD acquisition / IO control interface, support standard modbus transmission protocol

Industrial router

to sum up:

The underground garage charging pile wireless monitoring system adopts the wireless 433m wireless self-organizing network module (WBee 1002) to realize the wireless communication data collection and summary through the charging pile terminal, and realize the wired to wireless communication mode, effectively solving the construction difficulty and the network signal coverage problem. And improve the construction process, simplify the difficulty and reduce the input cost. A seamless connection between underground and terrestrial wireless communications.

Realize the overall system wireless networking operation, management and monitoring. The project cost and time are saved for the pre-network layout and development cycle of the charging pile site. Accelerate the use of charging piles and expand the development of green energy.

Accelerate the creation of a "low carbon world, create a beautiful home"!
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